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    LOS ANGELES BEST PLACE  "We  have tried every part of the world,"    said     Francis Boggs who is general manager   for the  coast branch,... <following is the  hard-to-read part> yesterday, "and we find that Los Angeles is the best place to make our pictures.  Here we have everything necessary for outdoor work.  In the days we have all kinds of vegetation, orchards, flowers and shrubbery.  And the surrounding hills and mountains offer one (?) every kind of mountain, canyon and such (?) as one could desire.  There is the coast with a variety of which (illegible) scenery together.  The rugged coast lines north of Santa Monica.

    "But the most essential of all is the glorious sunlight.  It is nearly perfect as can be had (illegible) for our work.  We must have the very best of sunlight.  Our pictures are made (illegible) and very small.  For this reason, we need much better light then in order to photograph more."

    This company has made many pictures in California in the past six months, most of them in and about Los Angeles.  The company turns out on an average one picture a week.  Some of the pictures are commercial ones, and some are mountain views but, for the most part, they are melodramas with the natural scenes worked in, to bring out the beauty of the picture.

     The picture they are working on now is entitled <The rest of the paragraph is largely indecipherable save for "Glendale," where the film then in production was apparently being shot on location, until the conclusion at the top of the second column from the left starting with> neighboring (?) ranches.  There are also a lot of cattle rustlers present.  The female attendance is composed of Mrs. Hartley, her two daughters, Bessie and Sallie, with a dozen other women from the neighborhood.


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