01-03-1909 New York Times, The Nation-Wide Wave of Movie Pictures

01-12-1909 New Orleans Times Picayune, Picturing the City

06-10-1909, Modesto Morning Herald, Motion Picture Idea Commended

08-07-1909, Los Angeles Times, page I3, Moving Pictures at Shasta and page I 18, Tahoe Tattle-Actors Rest at the Tavern

08-13-1909, Modesto Morning Herald, Farmer Broke up Act of Moving Picture Folks

10-10-1909, Los Angeles Times, page II16, New Plays Without Words

12-11-1909, Variety,  Afar for Film Subjects

12-18-1909, Variety,  The Poor Man's Amusement

12-18-1909, San Diego Union, Moving Pictures May Be Made Here



01-05-1910 Galveston Daily News, page 10, Moving Pictures of Texas Scenes

01-06-1910 San Antonio Light, page 14, They're Moving Pictures Actors

01-23-1910 Los Angeles Times, The, page I3, Moving Picture Men Busy

01-26-1910 Moving Picture World, The, page 52, Photos of Players (Kalem & Powers)

01-27-1910 - 08-18-10, On the Moving Picture Stage: Have You Seen These Faces?"

01-28-1910 Los Angeles Times, The, page I13, Exponent of Silent Drama

01-1910 Moving Picture World, The, page 120, Biogragh Company Migrates

02-01-1910 Los Angeles Times, The, page H14, In The Motion Picture Swim

02-02-1910 Los Angeles Times, The, New Hero For Matinee Girls

02-17-1910 Evening Independent, page 1, & 02-24-1910, page 8, Florence Lawrence

02-1910 Moving Picture World, page 256, Facts and Mistaken Ideas about Moving Picture Actors and Actresses

02-1910 Moving Picture World, page 350, Biograph Films

03-08-1910 Iwowa City Daily Press, The, page 8, Florence Lawrence

03-11-1910 Daily Northwestern, The, page 3, Florence Lawrence

03-20-1910 Chicago Daily Tribune, The, page G7, The Maude Adams of the Moving Picture Drama

03-20-1910 Washington Post, The, page S4, Here's The Girl of a Thousand Faces

03-26-1910 Moving Picture World, The, Moving Picture Gods and Goodesses

03-1910, Moving Picture Wrold, The, New York Picture Company's Notes

04-02-1910 Moving Picture World, The, page 517, The IMP Leading Lady

04-07-1910 Logansport Daily Reporter, page 5, Florence Lawrence

05-08-1910 Los Angeles Times, The, page I12, Horse Changes Plot   

05-24-1910 Waterloo Evening Reporter, The, Ramona

07-21-1910 Modesto Herald, Boggs

07-23-1910 Moving Picture World, The, Picture Personalities: Florence Turner

08-12-1910 Moving Picture World, The, page 344, Charles Bauman Goes West

08-24-1910 Washington Post, The "Monkey" Causes Panic

09-23-1910 Moving Picture World, The, page 680, Picture Personalities, Mabel Trunnelle-Prior

10-16-1910 Los Angeles Times, The, page I11 Films Thrive Here On Quintuple Lines

10-22-1910 Moving Picture World, The, ad for "In The Gray of the Dawn", Marion Leonard

10-25-1910, San Jose Evening News, Moving Picture Men From Eastern Firm are in San Jose

10-29-1910 Moving Picture World, The, Picture Personalities, Nellie Grand

10-1910, Moving Picture World, The, Picture Personalities, Adrienne Kroell

11-16-1910, Chicago Daily Tribune, pg A18, Moving Pictures Made in Chicago

12-02-1910 Los Angeles Times, The, page I15, Western Types Are In Vogue

12-03-1910 Moving Picture World, The, page 1281, Picture Personalities, Pearl White

12-08-1910, Daily Alaska Dispatch, The, Making Motion Films

12-10-1910 Moving Picture World, The, Picture Personalities, Mildred Hutchinson

12-10-1910  Syracuse Post-Standard, Tragedies of Frozen North

12-27-1910 San Antonio Light, page 4, Motion Picture Folk

12-1910 Moving Picture World, The, Picture Personalities, Maurice Costello

1911 - 1912

 01-04-1911, Fitchburg Daily, page 5, Canned Drama, Factory for Wild West Motion Pictures

01-04-1911, Los Angeles Times, Moving Pictures Are Aiming High

01-07-1911, San Antonio Light, page 3, At Star Film Ranch

01-15-1911, Los Angeles Times, page I11, California to the Fore

01-17-1911, Los Angeles Times, page 114, Canned Romance

01-29-1911, Los Angeles Times, I10, Pin Scenes to El Monte

01-31-1911, Los Angeles Times, I114, Julian Johnson

02-02-1911, Los Angeles Times, I14, Biograph at Redondo Beach

02-03-1911, San Jose Evening News, Moving Picture Men Buy Coach

02-14-1911, Los Angeles Times, II14, Grace Kingsley

02-16-1911, Washington Post, The  Indians in "Uprising"

02-17-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Willie Boy Indian Tragedy Staged by Hobart Bosworth

02-17, 1911, Washington Post, The  Hears Indians' Plea

02-27-1911, Los Angeles Times, I13, Viola Barry-Conway

02-28-1911, Oakland Tribune, The,  Actress, Daughter of Well Known Socialist, Marries

03-23-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Wild Bands Roam the Hills

04-21-1911, San Antonio Light,  No More "Canned" Drama

03-12-1911, Los Angeles Times, II1, Film Batteries Wink

04-09-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Actors' Bayside Mecca

04-30-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Raves Before Show Indians

05-15-1911, Los Angeles Times, II1,  Making the World's Greatest Film Here

05-30-1911, Los Angeles Times, II1 "Trust" Figures in this Suit

06-25-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Cantaloupes on the Film

07-07-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Frank Garbutt Puts to Sea

07-09-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Frank Garbutt Sails Away

07-23-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Southern Yachting Notes

07-27-1911, Los Angeles Times, Lockjaw from Skinned Wrist

07-28-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Bosworth Returns from Yosemite Vacation

07-30-1911, New York Times,  Exporting an Imaginary America to Make Money

07-30-1911, San Jose Evening News, Moving Picture Piutes

08-03-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Moving Picture Men Among the Yachts

08-19-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Drammer's Sad End

08-20-1911, New York Times,  Moving Picture Future

09-03-1911, San Francisco Call, The Moving Picture Drama in Wild Marin

09-08-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Ahoy! Pirates Storm Redondo

09-11, 1911, Los Angeles Times,  Thrilling Things on Land and Sea

09-11-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Mock Tragedy Becomes Real

10-16-1911, Oakland Tribune, The  Mayor Wilson's Daughter Pleases

10-27-1911, Oakland Tribune, The  Maddened Japanese Slays

10-28-1911, Colorado Springs Gazette,  Moving Pictures in Pikes Peak

10-28-1911, Los Angeles Times, II1,  Life Price of Fancied Wrong

10-28-1911, Chicago Daily Tribune, page 4,  Motion Picture Man Victim of Drink Crazed Employe

10-28-1911, Stevens Point Daily Journal,  Two Are Shot by Japanese

10-28-1911, Sheboygan Press, The  Francis Boggs Shot and Killed in Los Angeles

10-28-1911, Oakland Tribune, The  Physicians Predict Recovery for Selig

10-29-1911, Oakland Tribune, The,  Cowboys Give "Chase Scene"

10-30-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Insane, or Feigning?

10-31-1911, Los Angeles Times, II6,  Jury Believes Boggs Killing Deliberate

11-01-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Admits Guilt

11-03-1911, Los Angeles Times, II6,  Guards His Secret Well

11-09-1911, Los Angeles Times, II2,  Nippon Killer Blandly Smiles

11-23-1911, Los Angeles Times,  Refusals Their Only Harvest

11-25, 1911, Oakland Tribune, The,  Leading Lady Hurt 

12-12-1911, San Jose Evening News, Fake Hero Shot

12-16-1911, Oakland Tribune, The  Murders to Gain Heaven

12-20-1911, Woodland Daily Democrat, The  Francis Boggs' Murderer Given Life Sentence

(includes 07-28-1937, Ukiah Republican Press,  Frank Minematsu Obituary)

01-01-1912, Los Angeles Times,  Lions and Tigers Celebrate

01-14-1912, Los Angeles Times,  Los Angeles Great Backdrop for the World

A coda for an era: 12-13-1915, Woodland Daily Democrat, The   Hobart Bosworth Proposes a Memorial to Francis Boggs

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